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I'm so happy you are here!

.HELLO this is me 

Photo by Andres Orellana



ver since

I was a kid I loved

creating art by putting things together.


Ever since I can remember, I loved taking different pieces from a broken dvr, house phone, pieces of wood, rocks and other random items and putting them together to create something new such as an electric toy car, a mini "freeway" to my very own longboard or dinner table. All of these things were created with items that already existed - sometimes it's hard to see the full potential of these existing pieces.

That's exactly why I love

taking pictures

Because the essential and most important pieces are each one of you,

combined with your companion, nature, and/or modern settings to create something new and stunning.

I would love to work together with you in a session

that will inspire love,

freedom and natural beauty playing with light and creating pieces of art that will cause people to look deeply at these artistic photographs whether they are your loved ones who already know you or even if they are complete strangers.

Together we will create pictures that will help you remember exactly how you felt in that moment, all of your senses will take you back to the fullness of the most important day of your life! Through my camera lens I will be able to see the potential in each angle and put it all together, making the invisible, visible.






that inspire me to be the best

in each role I play in my life: husband, father and

friend.  I'm so thankful for them because their

influence and my love for them are

key to the inspiration I have

for my work.

I am willing to travel anywhere in the world

to help capture the beauty of your wedding event and to give you long-lasting memories which you can cherish!

Andrés inicio como fotógrafo de bodas en 2010. Estudió Arte Fotografico en Nueva York, ahora esta adentro de los Top 10 fotografo de Mexico como Fotografo en Guadalajara

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